Easy And Secure Authorize.net Form Solution with WPForms

Authоrizе.nеt is one of the most popular and oldest payment gateways. The gateway is a subsidiary of Visa and provides payment gateway services while managing many heavy-weight transactions on behalf of merchant customers. 

The payment gateway has been working with merchants and small business owners since 1996. So far, it has served 430,000 merchants and has handled more than 1 billion transactions. 

Thus naturally, adding this payment gateway to your website can only extend the reach of your business further. 

Thankfully integrating Authorize.net forms is not complex with WordPress forms.

Authorize.net form solution:

Authorize.net gateway extension will allow you to use your Autjorize.net merchant account to accept payment via debit/credit cards. 

WPForms feature a drag and drop form builder, which is both easy and powerful. 

Owing to this functionality, you can create beautiful contact, payment, and subscription forms for your site within minutes. 

Even beginners can get it done as it includes pre-built templates. Additionally, since these forms are mobile responsive, they are sure to look nice on all devices. 


Authorize.net comes with many exciting features which make it lucrative to add this to your payment gateway options. 

Easy installation: Like every other WP gateway addon, this form too installs within a click. After the installation, you only need to fill in a few fields, and then you are ready to accept card transactions in your store. 

Advanced process subscription: It’s possible to create and manage cards with recurring payments. Such payments provide residual revenue that you can track and bank on. A free trial of a subscription is made possible. 

Simple field mapping: You can add the billing data the customer has fed into the system of the Authorize.net section under your form. 

Secure payment: You can quickly process credit cards without having to redirect your customers to a getaway website. 

How to create Authorize. Net forms on WordPress:

Install and activate the WPForms plugin:

Before getting started, install and activate the WordPress form plugin. Once you have the plugin activated, you need to install and activate the Authorize.Net addon. 

Move on to the WordPress dashboard and click WPForms on the left. Then click on Addons. 

Identify the Authorize.Net addon, click on install and then Activate. 

Customize the settings of your Authorizs.Net:

In a new tab, log into the Authorize.Net account. Make sure you are in live mode when you log in. 

You can click the available switch in the Authorizd.net to change the settings if you need. 

Check the sidebar of the account and click on settings. 

Move to the General Security Settings and click on the API Credentials and Keys. 

Copy the API key from the screen and move to the WPForms tab. Once in the Payment tab, scroll down and identify the Authorize.Net section. 

Paste the key in the API Login ID box. 

Once again, go to the Authorize.Net account page, specifically on the API Credentials and Keys page. 

Click on Obtain and get the New Transaction Key. Then move ahead and click Submit. 

Following this, you will receive an email with the PIN. Paste the PIN in the right place and then Verify it. 

Creating the forms:

If you already have a form you want to use, open that form in the WPFoem builder section. 

But, if you don’t have a form, you need not worry as they can be created very quickly. There are 100+ templates on WPForms.

Choose one by clicking on the WPForms and Add New. Scroll down to the Additional template section. 

While searching for “older forms,” you will come across five templates. Click the template you want to choose, and it will open in the Form builder section. 

You can customize the forms by adding new fields from the left-hand side to the right-hand side.

 If you want to customize, you can do that on each field by clicking on it. 

Customizing payment from setting:

Stay on the WPForms for this part. Look at the icons on the left side and click on Payments. Then click on Authorize.Net.  

For instance, you can switch to credit card payments by changing the settings on the right-hand side. 

Here is what you need to do:

  • Click the Authorize.Net payment box to switch on the payment processing section
  • In the Payment Description box, write what you want to appear on your customer’s credit card statement, for instance, the name of your store. 
  • Select the Email options from the Authorize.Net payment recipient dropbox to have Autborize.Net send an email to your customers
  • Add the customers’ name 

Click on save and publish it if you need to.

Publishing your Authorize.Net Payment Form:

Fortunately, you can publish your form anywhere in WordPress without using any code. 

If you want to put your form on a page, WPForms will create the page for you automatically. 

Click the Embed button placed at the top of the form builder. 

WPForms will want to know if you’re going to add your form to an existing page or create a new one. Once you select from the two options, your WPForms will create a Page and embed your form into it. 

These steps should effectively help you to make or add new forms to your site. 


What currencies do Authorize.Net accept? 

Authorize.Net accepts all supported and up-to-date currencies. A few of which are USD, CAD, SEK, PLN, NOK, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD. 

What’s a recurring payment?

This is a process of setting up a transaction to deduct a certain amount from the customer’s account regularly for a product they have purchased. 

Can does Authorize.net prevent fraud transactions?

The system has an advanced fraud detection suite with 13 configurable filters, limiting the transaction velocity, country limitation, and many other factors. 

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