5 Best SMTP Plugins for WordPress – 2020

When it comes to Blogging and Digital Marketing, Emails are a convenient and effective way for exchanging messages and documents. Millions of messages are exchanged over the networks daily. Emails are also used to carry out many advertising campaigns, which in turn come out to be one of the most effective modes of advertising since it provides better ROI (Rate of Interest).

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or commonly known as SMTP is an internet protocol, which is used to deliver as well as receive mail from/to sender/receiver.

Though not all Emails are transferred successfully like other emails, as some of them get bounced over the network. As more and more Emails are bounced, the Email open rate gets lower (Email open rate is the ratio of the total number of Emails received by the customers to the number of emails sent from the server).

Choosing the best SMTP plugin for your website not only gives you better Email open rate by providing a gateway for your emails not being blocked from top email providers but also gives a safe and secure method for sending Emails.

Best SMTP Plugins for Better Email Delivery Rate

1. WP Email SMTP: Our 1st recommendation

wp mail smtp by wpforms : best smtp plugin for wordpress

WP-Email plugin by WPForms is on the most reliable plugin for WordPress for users to send and receive emails. The plugin is free to use and has an interactive UI for its users. The plugin connects the users to use services like MailGUN, Amazon SES, Mailget, SendGrid, and many other services.

The plugin is trusted by almost millions of users due to its key settings such as authentication, host port, encryption, mailer and many more.

To use WP plugin, you need to specify “From name” and “Email address” across all four setup options. There are 4 different setup options available for users.

To send Emails in bulk users can use Mailgun SMTP, users can also use Gmail SMTP if you don’t want to use any other third-party mail services. SendGrid SMTP allows users to send up to 100 emails daily, whereas users can execute other necessary mail action using the remaining option available to them.

Explore WP Email SMTP by WP Forms

Note: If you want to make conversational forms then click here to know step by step process.

2. Easy WP SMTP Plugin

easy wp smtp

Easy WP SMTP Plugin is a free WordPress Plugin to manage and execute emails on your WordPress website. The Plugin is safe and easy to use. The plugin uses an SMTP server to send mail to recipients. To execute mails to/from recipients/sender, it connects the website to a special mail server so that users can do necessary tasks.

Moreover, Users can also Test and Debug setting by sending Test emails. To send Test emails, users need to add Test address of the recipient and Test message.

The Easy SMTP Plugin also provides a lot of user-controlled settings for its users. Users have access to change/add From Email Address, From Name, SMTP Host, SMTP port of Execution, Type of Encryption for emails and many more settings.

Explore Easy WP SMTP

3. Mail SMTP Gateway Plugin

The SMTP gateway plugin comes with a well-defined to read or send emails from/to website directly from the mail server.

WordPress uses the mail() function or wp_mail() function to send emails, sometimes this can lead to problems such as mail get transferred to the spam folder or even don’t get delivered at all, since, big email clients such as Google, Yahoo and many more are constantly looking up for a solution for spam emails and reduce them at all costs. It requires proper substantiation of emails of their origin.

Mail SMTP Gateway plugin is a lightweight plugin is a reliable and effective plugin as it can alter the inbuilt wp_mail() function and authenticates the outgoing mail. Further, the Emails are also handled via SMTP Gateway plugin, as the plugin provides a safe and secure gateway for the outgoing Emails. Users can also select from any of the SMTP servers available for this task.

The plugin comes with essential email tools for its users to configure extra settings, such as WordPress SMTP integration and external SMTP mailer integration to access several SMTP service gateways. The plugin is compatible on almost all browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and many more. The tool comes with reliable and quick customer support for a year with regular updates between intervals for its users.

Explore Mail SMTP Gateway

4. Gmail SMTP WordPress Emailer Plugin

wp gmail smtp

The Gmail SMTP emailer plugin for WordPress is specially designed to handle emails transferred between Gmail (Google email client). The plugin comes with TLS/SSL authentication and with OAuth 2.0 protocol which is a security feature of this plugin and provides a secure gateway to the emails.

One can easily send emails to test the reliability of email and let users use other SMTP servers such as Google, Yahoo and many more.

Explore Gmail SMTP WordPress Emailer

5. WP Mail Bank

wp mail smtp

WP mail Bank is another plugin alternative for WordPress. It is a lightweight tool, with ranging features for its users, as they can easily configure minimal settings using this plugin. Users can test the working by send test email and messages. Moreover, you can toggle between the server provided by the plugin and can even choose the inbuilt PHP mailer.

Explore WP Mail Bank


Emails are key for a successful business as many important messages and required files are carried over emails. When using a WordPress website, users often face issue regarding emails, as they haven’t received it yet. Sometimes users are unable to receive emails sent to them as top email clients such as Google, Yahoo, and other services regard them as spam emails. The reason for is due to there is no authentication for emails.

Using an SMTP plugin is the best remedy for this solution. SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is just like other internet protocol but it is designed for transferring mails between different mail servers. Using an SMTP plugin provides a network gateway along with proper authentication for emails to deliver them perfectly. It also minimizes the chance of email bounce off rates and delivers quickly. WP Email SMTP Plugin, Easy WP SMTP Plugin, and Mail SMTP Gateway Plugin are some of the best SMTP plugins. These plugins provide a nice interface and reliable features to the users.

Users can easily switch between different SMTP host by overriding WordPress mail function. Also, users can send any number of emails to different email clients.

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