Best Survey WordPress Plugins for 2020

Are you looking for the best survey WordPress plugins for your website?

Well, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss some of the best
WordPress plugins you can use.

A survey is a great way to find out what customers think about your product. To put it
differently, it helps you to collect feedback from your customers. 

No matter, what products or services you provide, getting feedback from customers is
very important. It gives you an insight into what is good and what needs to be improved.

By conducting a regular survey, you can bring great benefits to your business.
Speaking of WordPress survey plugins, you will find plenty of them out there. But the
main point here is to choose only the best ones. Using a good survey plugin will help you
make your form look good and easy to use.

Top WordPress Survey Plugins To Use

We have compiled a list of some of the best WordPress survey plugins to use in your
form. With the help of these plugins, you can make your form look good, engaging, and
fun. That being said, now let’s walk you through the list.

WPForms: One of best survey plugin available

Without a doubt, WPForms is one of the best survey form plugins you will find. This is a
powerful plugin that has all the right features you need. It comes with polls add-ons and
surveys using which you can create engaging survey forms for your customers. You can
also combine these elements with WPForms features like multi-page forms, conditional
logic, email integration, and more.


WPForms allows you to include any form field to your survey including checkboxes,
ratings, and more. All this can be done with just a click of a button. The best feature of
WPForms is the reporting section that can create graphs and reports based on the
collected survey responses. It also allows you to enable survey reports for your existing

Check WpForms now.


CrowdSignal was previously known as Polldaddy. This is yet another popular survey
plugin you can use in your forms. It is as good as WPForms and comes with all the
required features you need. However, you should be informed that this is a contact form

plugin and is only meant to be used for surveys and polls. The best thing about this
plugin is that it is available for free. However, you need to have a
account to access the API key. 


The free version of the plugin has limited features. This is an easy to use survey plugin
that comes with the drag and drop tool. This helps you to create polls and surveys
efficiently. It also allows you to configure survey sharing settings, styling options, and
results sharing for each of the surveys you create. It includes a captcha using which you
can block spam. Along with that, it comes with some IP filtering that prevents multiple

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the oldest survey form plugins you will find in the market. This
good thing about this plugin is that it comes with several add-ons that you may find
useful while creating your survey form. Unlike other plugins, this one is easy to use and
can help you create survey forms quickly. It comes with the form builder feature that
makes everything easier. 
The only issue with this plugin is that you have to view the survey results inside the
admin area. That’s because it doesn’t have any graphs or charts. However, it allows you
to export the results to a CSV file. You can then view the results on-site using a tables
plugin. You need to have the Elite plan to gain access to the survey add-on.


The next best survey plugin you can use is the WP-Polls. This is a very popular
WordPress survey plugin you will find. This option is the best for users looking for an
easy poll solution. The good thing is that this plugin is available for free. However, it
doesn’t have the form builder feature. You can only use checkboxes or radio boxes to
collect responses from consumers.

The poll results are automatically shown to the users. The user responses are saved in
the logs. This allows you to see how users have voted, but this is only for registered
users. As far as non-registered users are concerned, you can only see the IP addresses
that filters out duplicate votes.
Collecting feedback from customers is very crucial for the success of your business. This
can be done with the help of survey forms. WordPress survey plugins make it easy for
you to create survey forms for customers. You can use any of the mentioned survey
plugins to get your work done. Some of them are also free to use.

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