Conversational Forms by WPForms : Alternative to TypeForm

Do you want to increase form completion rate and conversions?

If your answer is yes then start using conversational forms from today.

As you know, forms are of great use to the websites to extract data from their users. Common uses can be Survey Forms, Registration Forms, Job application Forms and many more.

An interactive form can result in more conversions means more leads. Form completion is an important step to take place in this process. If a user gets on the landing page he starts filling out the form. Whether the user completes it but doesn’t submit it then you are losing money. 

So, it is necessary to fix form abandonment by making your forms more effective and using Conversational Forms by WPforms.

Why Conversational Forms form WPForms over other?

It can also be created using Form Builders such as TypeForm. But in reality, they both differ in many aspects. 

Such as:

#1: TypeForm is basically a website, not an extension. WPForms specially designed for WordPress gives it an extra edge, as an extension can cope up with the site loading parameters better than the former. 

To include the Conversational Form in your website via TypeForm you need to copy the code provided at the TypeForm website on the HTML code by using HTML code editor.

#2: Although TypeForm also provides a free subscription to users, which is not in case of WPForms. It isn’t of any practical use as there are limited features with the free subscription which will urge you to upgrade to a higher one. Talking about the cost, WPForms are way cheaper than TypeForm.

It takes almost $700 for an annual subscription for a TypeForm account where, it would need less than half of this, that is, $300 as an annual subscription rate.

#3: Apart from these, you can get strong customer support which assures your issues to be solved within 24 working hours in WPForms and is available in all subscriptions.

This is an amazing feature and they are also well-known and recognised for this. Whereas, in the case of TypeForm the Customer Support is only available in the higher subscription and is restricted to the free users. Though there is documentation log available to seek any help.

#4: One of the most exciting features is that in case you do not like its service for any cause and want to cancel your subscription with it.

They also give 100% money back guarantee and ensures you to return the total amount you invested in its subscription within 14 days of use. This feature makes this plug-in more trustworthy than other Form Builders.

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Conversational Forms by WPForms

The conversational form is just like another form but they differ a lot from the regular ones in many aspects and are intentioned for WordPress. 

It contains an interactive session with the user throughout its completion and also has higher rates of Form completion. These Forms also provide an amazing UI along with guided themes and fonts to make the user feel like chatting with another person rather than filling out any other regular Form.

Conversational Forms by wpforms

Some of the key features of Conversational Forms which make it unique and amazing from other regular Forms are:

Navigated options: Conversation WPForms provide navigation in all aspects of the forms. Even you can fill the form using only the keyboard and mouse is needed (even though you can use the mouse).

Promotes guided experience: Conversational WPForms promote guided experience to the users by focusing only on a particular question at a time. Which makes the Form more responsive and extract more accurate answers from the user.

Responsive to devices: The Conversational forms are optimised for PC and as well as mobile devices and hence fit into the screen and are responsive.

Quick and easy steps: Easy steps that do not require knowledge of coding and even a newbie can work on it.

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How to Create Conversational Forms with WPForms?

Being a user-friendly tool, it hardly takes any time to create a conversational form using WPForms. Follow the steps below to make an awesome Conversational Form.

First Install and Verify


First, install and open the WPForms plug-in. To make a conversational form it requires at least “pro” subscription of WPForms account.

wp forms pricing


After installing this WordPress plug-in, you need to verify the license key. It can be done by going to WPForms -> settings. After clearing this issue, you are ready to go for further steps.


Then install Conversational Form addon. Go to WPForms -> Addon page. Then search for ‘Conversational Forms’ addon. Look for install but and click it. It will activate the Conversational Form addon.


There is an ‘Active’ label at the bottom-left of the box. It refers to the availability for the plug-in and it is ready to use it now.

You can also add Conversational form to any existing form. It requires simple steps and the “Drag and Drop’ feature of WPForms makes it more convenient for the users to make a form, rather than following complex processes on TypeForm to make the same.

Use Drag and Drop feature

To create a Conversational form using its “Drag and Drop” feature follow the steps:


After adding the questions for the form enable ‘Conversational Form Mode’ by going to Settings -> conversational forms.


Then there would be many options visible to you. By using these options, you can design user-friendly forms which also include your logo, colour scheme of your choice and a custom message to your landing page of the conservational form.



To edit or view the settings you can click on the ‘Preview Conversational Form’ button. It lets you view the live action of the form based on the options selected.

Customize Permalink

1.To customize Permalink, scroll below and look for the ‘Permalink’ option and add the title of your choice to the link.

Add a title to the permalink which is relatable to your business as it is the link which will be shown in the business campaigns and e-mails.Give a Colour to the Submit button

There is a wide range of colour available for the ‘Submit’ button. Though there are a pre-defined set of colours but can select any colour using the ‘colour picker’ tool present there.


Conversational Forms are also known as modern forms due to its dynamic and user-friendly properties which carry out interactive session and engages the user to the form. 

Some of the basic uses of Conversational forms are Feedback form, Survey form, User registration form etc.

WPForms is a form builder which is designed for especially as a WordPress plug-in. It offers a wide range of templates and colour schemes for the Conversational Forms. Apart from this, there are a bunch of amazing features such as great customer support, reliable subscription rates, Drag and Drop feature which makes WPForms much better choice over their competitors such as TypeForm which demand much higher price with no additional features and form types.

There isn’t any requirement of coding and complex steps involving the editing of the HTML code to make out a form. 

In case if you have a regular form and wish to convert it to conversational one, it can be done in no time. You just need to install the plugin by using the above-mentioned steps and you are ready to go to build your first conversational form using WTForms.

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