How to Blog Comment to Boost Your Traffic and Profits?

Every day I see many new and struggling bloggers ignore the most under-utilized networking method for any blogger to gain traction online.

First day bloggers can comment on any blog if they avoid spam folders. What networking method offers that level of barrier-free networking? Guest posting rocks but takes time and skills development.

Landing interviews and features also rocks but requires a significant time and energy investment. Heck; it takes a good deal of time and practice to even get a superstar blogger to agree to an interview on your blog. If thousands of bloggers pitch interviews to top bloggers, they can only say “yes” to a few.

Any blogger on earth can comment on any blog right now. Think about that for a split second. You can publish a genuine, in-depth comment on Pro Blogger right now and by the end of the day, 50 highly targeted people can visit your blog after reading your helpful comment and clicking through. Every reader boosts traffic and a few will boost your blogging profits too.

Pretty sweet, right guys?

Make a seismic impact through blog commenting and increase your traffic and profits by following these tips.


Comment on Blogs Related to Your Niche

Laser focus, my Young Blogging Padawans.

Target interested readers and hungry customers. Comment on blogs related to your niche.

I am a blogging tips blogger. I comment primarily on blogging tips blogs, whose readers click through to read my blogging tips blog for a traffic and profits boost.

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Be Thorough

Aim for a 2-3 paragraph, in-depth comment.

Think more like “content” and less like “comment” as you write your comment. Here’s why; impressed readers click through and unimpressed readers ignore you. How’s that for a catchy blog commenting rhyme?

People gravitate toward generous, knowledge-sharing commentors. Be that type of commentor by going in-depth. Make an impact. Traffic and profits find generous bloggers. Set an alarm clock. Spend 3-5 minutes creating a comment after you read the blog post.

Make sure you read the post to flesh out some point made by your fellow blogger. Express deep interest in the topic. Expound based on your experience. Bond with bloggers and help their readers with your insight.


Be Genuine

Be genuine. Comment from an honest energy.

Do not comment mainly to grab backlinks. Top bloggers can spot you and your selfish motives from a million miles away. Comment to generously share your knowledge.

Relax. Be yourself. Have fun sharing your thoughts. Sweet profits flow through blog commenting if you see it as a party, not some tense, laborious activity.


Be Personal

Personalize blog comments. Address your fellow blogger by name. Make them feel special.

Every human enjoys being addressed by name because it proves people care about us. Use your fellow blogger’s name at least once in the blog comment.

Add a personal touch to bond with people and to gain more click throughs.


Be Patient and Persistent

I landed my highest paying freelance client through blog commenting after publishing blog comments for a while. Good things take time.

Some readers and bloggers find you and your comment interesting and click through swiftly. You may need to grow on other bloggers over a few weeks or months. Be patient and persistent. Make a seismic impact over the long haul by being social and disciplined, a most powerful combo for effective blog commentors. 

How Do Traffic and Profits Increase?

You generate interest by following the prior tips.

Interested readers click through to learn more about you and your blog. Every click increases your traffic and a few people buy what you offer, increasing profits.

Even better; you befriend fellow bloggers who appreciate your blog comments on their blogs. Blogging buddies promote you on their blogs and through social media, endorse you, hire you, buy your stuff and invite you to guest post on their blogs. Talk about some big time traffic and profits boosters.

Do not overlook blog commenting.

Commenting effectively levels the playing field for all bloggers because all of us can share our opinions in genuine fashion. Tap into this oft-ignored networking strategy to increase your blogging success.


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