How To Create A Signature Form In 3 Simple Steps

Are you running an online business? 

Do have service agreements that you need to be signed by clients?

Then you should start using online signature forms.

It’s really awesome to use.

Let’s say you have service agreement form for your software and you want user consent.

How would you get?

User will do a digital signature on the form and agree with your business terms and conditions. It’s that simple. Right?

Today, in this tutorial, I’m going to show how to create a signature form in 3 simple steps.

What is a signature form?

How to Create a Signature Form

The signature form is one type of digital signature form. In which the user digitally signs the contract or agreement.

The bottom line:

Your digital signature will be saved in PNG format and get attached with form while you submit it. 

By this way, you will get things done in minimum time without putting many efforts.

Where it can be used?

  • Online application forms
  • Petition forms
  • Contract forms
  • Service terms and conditions 
  • Legal application form and many more places.


Easy: It’s really easy to sign a contract for the users. No paperwork and the only digital signature is required.

Fast execution: If you know how it’s painful and time consuming to sign a non-digital contract. Here, everything will be done in a few minutes. 😉

You send an email, client replays after a few days and this back and forth process of email keep goes on and on.

WPForms saves your time by giving an add-on that you can use while creating forms. 

That being said, now, users can sign the form at a single place. You don’t have to send emails back and forth to get a document signed.

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What is service agreement form process?

If you are creating a service agreement form then you must keep a few things in mind which will be needed to be included.

When you are making it, you know that you are showing terms of use and other important details of your business to the users.

It’s better to hire a lawyer to get all the documents and form verified. You can write by yourself but as per my recommendation, you should verify all the things with a lawyer to avoid problems in the future.

  • Few things must be included:
  • Complete address and phone number
  • Business holder full name
  • Terms and conditions about the payment (If you include how you are going to collect payment then It would be more better.)
  • Get the signature of the client.

Learn more about this topic here.

Now, let’s see how to create..

How to Create a Signature Form in 3 Simple Steps.


Before you start, first of all, you need to install. 

Go to WPForms website from here. And login to your account.

Then in Downloads section, you will find a plugin and the license key. 

download wpforms

Download the plugin and now go your WordPress admin > Plugins.

Click on Add New and upload it.

Once it gets uploaded, active it.

Step: 2

If you want to create signature forms then you will have to buy Pro or above plan. Click here to check pricing and plan.

Note: If you are a small business owner and you don’t have any requirements for creating more forms and advanced features then I would recommend you to go with Pro plan.

Once you choose the plan, now, it’s time to install and activate the signature addon. 🙂

Go to WPForms > Add-ons.

Find Signature Addon and install then activate it.

signature add on

You are now ready to use signature in your forms.

Step: 3

Let’s create a form.

Go to WPForms > Add New.

Give it a name and choose “Blank Form”.

Now, add all required fields which are necessary for gathering all the details. There are many fields to choose from.

Once you are done with adding fields, now, you would add signature field at the last.

Mark it as a required because it must be filled. 🙂

add signature field to wordpress form

Then click on save at right top corner. Now, close the WPForm editor.

We are done with creating a signature form and now it’s time to integrate within a page. So, we can make it alive on our blog.

Go to Pages > Add New. Give a title and Click on Plus icon to add a new block.

Search “WPForms”.

Choose a form that you want to display under the page. I’m going to choose the page we just created.

publish a wpform

Once you verify all things, now it’s the time to hit publish button to make a service agreement page live on your blog.

Click on “Publish” and you are done. 🙂

Final Thoughts:

It’s very time consuming & frustrating process to get service agreements signed manually.

At that time, the signature form comes in the picture. I hope you got the process of creating signature forms in simple 3 steps.

Let me know if you have any queries in the comment box below. 

Thanks much!

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