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As you might know, WordPress is the best platform to develop your business online. Especially, when you are building the e-commerce business online, the first option that comes in your mind is Woo Commerce integration. But it is not the only option. One of the Options like creating WordPress PayPal Form is another option for receiving payment securely and selling your things from your website.

The fact is creating a WordPress form to accept payment in WordPress website is not that complicated. You can create a form on your own, the safer transaction. The question is how to create a form with a payment option.

Do not worry; the process is quite easy. Go through this tutorial, follow the steps shown here, and you can create a WordPress form with payment option effortlessly. Here we share the steps with WPForms. So let’s start. 

Step By Step Guide To Creating A WordPress Form With Payment Options

The first thing to create the payment form is to choose the proper plugin. WPForms is the robust plugin and give you the drag and drop builder. It is a user-friendly option. 

You need to install and activate the plugin first, and after that, it takes hardly a few minutes to create the form. Do not worry. In this section, you will get a stepwise guide with pictures for your hassle-free experience. 

Step 1:

  • Install and activate WPForms on your WordPress website.

Step 2:

  • Now, go to your WordPress dashboard and visit the WPForms menu. 

Step 3:

  • Here you can see two option of ‘add new,’ that allows you to add a new form to your site. Click either button.

Step 4:

  • Now you are redirected to the form builder page. Here you will set the setup page. Give the name to your form and choose the option of ‘Billing/Order Form.’

Step 5:

  • Now you can choose a blank form if you want. According to our experts, the billing form will give you a good start and also show you how your form of payment works. 

Step 6:

  • After the selection of the page, the page reloads, and you will see the default billing form. The default form includes detail like customer name, address, and email. At the bottom of the page, you can view payment fields. 

Step 7:

  • From the above image, you can see the user would choose any of the 3 items, and the final amount will be updated in the entire amount section automatically according to item.

Step 8:

  • Next, set the price of the items. Do not worry as the WPForms are configurable, and you can set the price according to items. See the example in the below image. 

Note: WPForms arrange four different ways to select the product or service for the visitor to purchase it, and the total amount of the order is based on the choice. As you are using the simple order form and it let the customer choose a product and view the total. If you want the single item, then you can do it the same also. In this case, your price will remain fix.

Step 9:

  • Now, it is time to set the payment processing option integration. Go to the field section and click on the payment tab located in the left pane of the window. 

Step 10:

  • Now integrate both PayPal and Stripe payment option.

Note: in the pro plan, you can see both extensions. A stripe is an advanced option for payment as the customer does not need to leave the site to buy products. But your customer needs to use a credit card for complete payment. 

Step 11:

  • Next, you have to install the Stripe WPForms extension. It is similar to another plugin, and you can update it like others. 

Step 12:

  • Once the stripe plugin installs, you can see its option in the setting menu under the payment option. 

Step 13:

  • Now set the secret keys to connect the payment page of WordPress site to stripe. Go to your stripe account setting, copy, and paste the secret key in the respective field.

Step 14:

  • Go back to the form builder section, and you can see the option shown in the below image after the successful installation and configuration of Stripe extension. 

Step 15:

  • Check the box to enable Stripe and way to deliver bill/receipt to the customer via email and click on the save tab. And it’s done.

Once the customer chooses the item for buying, this form counts the total amount automatically and forward it to Stripe. After submission of the form, Strip shows the pop up for payment. Here the customer will add their credit card information for completion of purchase. 

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What are the forms of payment?

The most common forms of payment are bank transfer, credit card, debit card, and cash. How do I create a payment form in WordPress?

You can see the steps given above to create a payment form in WordPress. Follow all the steps carefully, and you will not face any problem in creating a payment form.

Does WordPress payment form cost money?

 If you use the pro plan for the plugin, it cost you money. For the free plugin, you don’t have to pay a single penny from your pocket. 

What is the best payment gateway for WordPress?

PayPal Pro, Braintree, Stripe, and CIM are a bets payment gateway for WordPress.


It is all about the tutorial for how to create a form with payment options. Hopefully, you will find it useful. Post your queries and questions in the comment section for further communication. 

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