How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress (gtag.js)?

Google Analytics is a tool that is all about tracking the activities on any online platform to help you get a clear idea about the reach and metrics of a particular website. 

With the help of this article, you can easily add Google Analytics Site Tag in WordPress by installing MonsterInsights. It has made gtag.js the default tracking code, so if you are an existing user, you will automatically get upgraded to gtag.js. 

What is gtag.js, and why is it important? Just stick to this article to get a deeper insight and learn How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress without much hassle. 

How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress
How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress: What is gtag.js?

With the gradual development in technology, Google Analytics has released different versions of its JavaScript library. Each one is unique in true sense with several new features, which ultimately makes it the new recommended implementation. But coming to gtag.js, it is not just another analytics library. It is purely designed to simplify and organize website tagging for different Google products. 

Before proceeding further, let us tell you what gtag.js exactly is. Basically, it is a JavaScript tagging framework and application programming interface that enables you to send crucial data to Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Google Marketing Platform, marking a significant shift in data collection. 

How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress: Why is it important? 

Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress
How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress

Global Site Tag is one of the latest set of functions and programs which can be loaded on your site. It helps make certain things easier, such as tagging, exchange, and the analysis of different products. 

Gtag.js also helps keep tags from different products in one place without making any additional modifications in the settings or any particular interface. Furthermore, it simplifies installation, which speeds up product classification and helps send data to various tools by Google or any other third party. Moreover, it does so only once, without requesting different labelings, which decreases the associated complications. 

Moreover, if you compare it with the previous Google Analytics tag that is analytics.js, it could only send data to Google Analytics. In contrast, now using the gtag you can send event data to each Google marketing tool. This helps you better understand the user behavior on your website and makes tracking easier than before. 

However, if you are already using Google Tag Manager as your tag management system, you may not need to shift to gtag. But if you are still confused between the two, we will help you choose one by giving information about both of them. 

Talking about the Google Tag Manager with a unique interface enables the deployment of tags for Google and other third-party tags and web and mobile apps. On the other hand, gtag.js allows you to quickly install tags on websites without wasting time to set up a complete tag management system. It also allows you to work directly in JavaScript without working in a different interface that can be considered a major perk. 

How to install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress by installing MonsterInsights? 

Moving on to your question, first of all, you need to install MonsterInsights, then you have to add the Google Analytics account to your website. Now, what’s the role of MonsterInsights? It simplifies the entire process and removes the need for coding. In this article, we will be dealing with all the steps in a detailed manner. So let us quickly take a look at them. 

But before installation, the most basic thing is an account on Google Analytics which you must have along with one proper setup. If you have any queries, you can visit our website anytime and know more about how to add Google Analytics in the proper way. 

Some easy steps:

● First of all, with MonsterInsights you have to verify your account on Google Analytics. 

● Now, select the option given as ‘Insights’ in the admin menu of your website. 

● After that, you will be asked about the category of your website (a business website, blog, or online store). Select one of them and then click the ‘save and continue’ button. 

● Next, you have to select the option given on your screen which will result in the authentication of your Google account and will finally lead to the initiation of the procedure. 

● Select your profile on the following screen that will be displayed before you. 

● For MonsterInsights authentication, go to your Google account. Now give the required permission to MonsterInsights so that it can get access to all the information regarding the analysis of your website through Google Analytics. 

● Furthermore, you will be asked about which website you choose to verify with MonsterInsights. So make sure you select the right profile. Finally, in the submenu, search your website and then end the procedure by clicking the final option which appears on screen as ‘Complete authentication.’ 

You may have to wait for a day or two for the final display of your information on the MonsterInsights admin menu . As soon as the data is displayed, you can visit the dashboards to track all the activities on your website.

You will get to know about the number of people visiting your website, the time they spend on your site, and how they have reached your website. All this information is extremely important for the overall growth of your website and for you to keep track of your site’s engagement. 

That’s all about installing Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress with MonsterInsights. For more information about this, you can refer to other articles of MonsterInsights which includes a beginner’s guide and various other specifications which you will require for your website. 

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This is all you need to know as a beginner. You can refer to this article for installing a global site tag for obtaining all sorts of valuable information about your website. You will get an overview of the reach of your website, and that will help you make the necessary changes as applicable. 

Lastly, we will like to tell you that MonsterInsights is now the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, and this has been possible only because of your constant support from the very beginning. 

On an ending note, we would like to thank you for patiently reading the entire article. You can stay connected to MonsterInsights by following it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest information, features, or updates.

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