Link Building With SEMrush : 9 Methods You Must Try!

How about getting links that help you boost your site’s rankings and give more search traffic?

Then you should focus more on creating a better content and link building.

There are more than 200 ranking factors, and high-quality backlinks are the 2nd most important factor.

The bottom line:

No matter how much you put efforts to create awesome content, if you don’t promote well and build links to it, It will not give you the search traffic.

Let’s face it today.

Today in this guide, I’m going to share with you top backlink building strategies that you can use in 2019.

Also, to make your work easy, I’m going to use SEMrush – All in one SEO tool.

So before we get started let’s first add one domain as a project in SEMrush tool.

Then we can analyze the entire site and its backlinks, keywords, top pages which get the most search traffic and other stats.

If you don’t have an account, click this link to get a 7 days FREE SEMrush Account.

Add Project on SEMRush Tool


Go to SEMrush dashboard and from left sidebar click on Project tab then create my first project.


You will get one pop-up, first add your domain name as a project domain then add project name.

Pro Tip: Make sure you add exact URL of your domain name (Like


Now, you can see SEMrush seo dashboard from where you can set up:

  • Keyword position tracking
  • Site audit.
  • On page SEO tracker
  • Social media poster
  • Social media tracker
  • Brand monitoring
  • Backlink audit & link building
  • PPC Keyword tool
  • Ad builder
  • Organic traffic insights
  • Content analyzer


In this article, as I’m talking about Link building with SEMrush, I’m going to show you how you can use Backlink Audit, Link building tool, and site audit features for your benefits.


Let’s look at the top link building strategies you can perform with this great tool.

1. Backlink Audit: Quick way to Improve Your Site SEO.


When your website is growing online, chances are getting toxic/ unwanted inbound link increases.

…And your site comes under the red flag zone of the google.

More toxic/spammy inbound links = more spam score = Low trust score.

It’s that simple. And you don’t want a low trust score.

Your site may get penalized if your spam score is very high and you don’t take an action immediately.

The bottom line:

Use backlink audit feature of SEMrush to find out spammy backlinks of your site.

It will analyze your domain’s backlink profile with over 1 billion backlinks database and find harmful links for you.


If you want to integrate google search console then you can. Hence, you will get more accurate data.

They have their own algorithm to figure out what is considered as a dangerous link and what’s as a good link.

Don’t you think this feature will make your manual analysis task much easier?

Yes, it is.

Pro Tip:

I would say you should integrate google search console with SEMrush to get much accurate data. By this way, you can clean your backlink profile as much as you can.

What else?

If you feel that risk of being penalized by Google is high for your site then backlink audit allows you to send all harmful links directly to google disallow tool.

Isn’t amazing?

…And if you want to automate the entire process then you can set up this process once and start regular recrawl of your site on a weekly basis and a detailed report will be provided via an email.

Let’s see step by step.


Go to SEO Dashboard > Backlink Audit > Click on set up.

setup backlink audit with semrush


Now, you can see your overall toxic score, referring domains and analyzed backlinks.

Here, you can see SEMrush found 43 RDs and 734 backlinks for blogginglabs.

campaign scope root domain blogging labs

Pro Tip:

You should connect with google search console before you start auditing your site. By this way, SEMrush will pull out all the links from GSC and add to its database and analyze it.

backlink audit with integrating google search console


Click on Audit and you will see all inbound links with its toxic score.

You will have to check the source (From where you got the link), Anchor text and its toxic score.

disallow harmful links with semrush backlinks audit tool

As per SEMrush, domains which have score 60-100 domain is toxic, 40-59 is potentially toxic.

So, whatever backlinks you find in a range of 60-100, you should remove them. (Do manual analysis if needed before removing.)

Once you are done with checking all source URLs and their source domains. It’s time to disallow those dangerous links.


Click on Delete and you will have two options, either you can disallow entire domain or particular URL.

domain vs url

As per my experience, I would suggest you go with domain because if the page doesn’t have good inbound links then it’s very high chances that domain is spammy.

It may be a different case in some scenarios. So, it’s better to check that domain once to see whether it’s spammed or not.

Click on “To disavow” and that link will be added to disallow list.

disallow tab


Once you are done with checking all links. Go to “Disavow” tab and you will find the list.

Click on Export then go to Google disallow tool and upload the file.


2. Link Reclamation – Rebuild lost links

Best way to make quick and quality backlinks?

…Reclaim the backlinks that you have lost.

Sometimes, you notice that some of the traffic generating pages start losing its traffic.

…And if you check those pages, you will get to know that you are losing the traffic just because of the loss of some quality backlinks.

Today, you will learn about how to get back those powerful links.

By this way, you can make superb powerful inbound links within a few hours of work.

The question is how do you identify which backlinks you have lost?

Before we go ahead.

First of all, What could be the reasons behind the removal of links?

In the majority of cases, it comes down to three cases.

  • They refreshed the page by adding new content to it. During this process, they might have removed some of the external links.
  • They replaced your link with something better: In this case, someone has written the better content than you and it’s replaced by the site.
  • Redirected to a new page: As per Google’s guidelines, thin contents have a high possibility of getting the penalty. The site owner might have removed some thin content pages which has fewer words or not high-quality content and redirected them permanently to the better content page. Use link redirection trace chrome extension in this case.

How to identify which is the case for you?


Go to SEMrush backlinks audit section for your domain > Lost & Found Tab

Here, you can see how many backlinks you lost and gained in the past 60 days.

reclaim the lost backlinks using semrush


Scroll down and you will see all the links.

Set these filters:

  • State = Lost
  • Group By = URL

Advanced Filters => Follow links (Because follow links pass more link juice so doing efforts to acquire them is worthful!)


Check its toxic score. If the score falls into a safe category then it’s good to go with the URL.

link reclaimnation


Put the URL into and identify the case and then contact the site owner and let him know about this issue.

Pro Tip:

If you found too many domains were linked along with yours then it clearly shows that others also lost the links. This is a nice opportunity to let them know about this issue. Sometimes, it may happen that site owner accidentally removed the page and when you let him know, he would say thank you in return.

3. Brand mentions: Finding awesome opportunities.

When you have amazing high-quality content in your niche, people start talking about you and your brand online.

In rare cases, your brand defined as plain text and you didn’t get any link back to your site.

Just brand mention without a link back to your site.

Like this.

brand mention without link back to the site

Painful. Right?

I feel you.


There is a way by which you can get a link from unlinked mentions.

Reach out to the owner and let him know about that you linked his content.

Would it be nice to give a link back to the relevant site?

If it agrees, then you would get a link. Otherwise, you can follow the below approaches.

4. Testimonial backlink strategy: Caught two fish with one worm.

If you ask me what would be the one link building strategy I will focus more on then I would say Testimonial backlinking strategy.


It’s easy, effective and you can kill two birds with one stone 😉 😉


Yaa, It’s.

You might be using tools or products for keyword research, content analysis, finding prospects and many other tasks.

If you are using the tool that you love, you can send a nice testimonial to the company.

Because companies love to show what their customers are experiencing with the product.

Most of the time, companies link to your blog or personal site with putting your testimonial.

It’s one type of guest posting.


In many cases, it might happen that you would not get a link back to your site but your brand or twitter profile get mentioned. But, here, you are getting more visibility and followers online. Still, It’s good for you.

Let’s find some useful products first.


Find awesome products within your industry by google search and list them in one paper. Or list down all the products you use.

list of products


Go to SEMrush and put your blog’s URL and get a list of all your competitors.

main organic competitors semrush


Put them one by one in the domain analysis tool to find out their backlinks.


In this way, you will have more list of products that you can review, use and then get a killer backlink for your site.

Now, How to perform testimonial backlink strategy?

Analyze if your competitor has got any link from service page and you could replicate the same process.

You can use search strings:

  • “Success stories” + “your niche”
  • “Case studies” + “your niche”
  • “Testimonial reviews” + “your topic”
  • “Customer reviews” + “your niche”

For example:

Look at this DA:74 backlink to this site from SEMrush.

testimonial link building with semrush

And this one is from Hubspot.

hubspot casestudy

Pro Tip:

After analyzing several products, I came to know that if you make a case study around the product, you will have a higher chance of getting a powerful link to your site.

Still with me?

Let’s look at the next one.

5. Redirects: For getting instant link juice

301 redirect is a simple method to redirect one page to another page of the site. 301 is HTTP status code which indicates that this page moved to another location permanently.

How it can help you improve organic traffic on your site?

Well, 301 is a powerful method to improve the page rank of your current live site.

Let’s take an example.

301 redirect example

In the above example, Page-A has very powerful links from the high authority sites like Forbes, Huffignpost, BBC, etc.

Hence, we are now sure that Page-A has a very high page rank. If you don’t know about Page Rank then check this article to know more. (Outbound link)

A page rank indicates the value of the page. More is better.

But, Page-A has thin content, and google doesn’t like thin content in 2019 and beyond.

The solution?

It’s better to move Page-A to Page-B.

Because Page-B has very in-depth content around a similar topic of Page-A.

So, when you do 301 redirects to Page-B, then Page-B will have more link power and page rank value.

Now, when any user comes to Page-A, it will be redirected to Page-B.

Pro Tip:

When you plan to redirect your page to another page, make sure the page has similar or relevant content as the page which you want to redirect to get maximum benefits and relevance power.


This method can be implemented with expired domains as well. It’s really giving amazing results right now. But, If you redirect many domains at once then your blog may be penalized by Google.

Everything within a limits is good 🙂

Steps to follow to implement the 301 redirection strategy:


Let’s take an example of high traffic blog Put this URL on SEMrush.

301 backlinks opportunities with semrush - organic research


Go to Organic research > Pages to identify which pages are getting most of the traffic and ranking for most keywords in google.

export most traffic pages


To simplify this process, export all the data, you can export by clicking on the export button in Excel or CSV format.


Once you are done with exporting, click on Traffic column and sort it by lowest to highest. Do the same process for keywords column.


Now, you have a list of all the URLs which are not giving the traffic from the search engines.

low traffic generating pages with semrush

Start analyzing the URLs and find out which pages have great links but still not ranking for many keywords.

If you can improve those pages with new content then do it, otherwise, redirect to the relevant location on your sites.

I hope this technique is clear.

Let’s move onto the next strategy.

6. Quora Marketing: Quality traffic with less efforts

Do you want to drive high-quality visitors without building more backlinks?

Start quora marketing from today.

Quora is one of the best platforms to share your ideas.

…And quora marketing is the latest technique to get more traffic on your blog in 2019.

If you are good at something and can share your knowledge with others then you should start exploring this platform to build your brand and authority in the market.

You may ask me but it’s the question-answer platform, How does it help me to build links?

Whenever you find questions related to your interest or niche, you could start writing your answers…

Like this.

quora marketing with semrush


If you shared the same topic or broad topic which covers the question then you can link back to your original guide.

In this way, you will get more search traffic on your site.

Want to perform this technique on steroids?


Use Semrush and put in domain overview tool.


You will get all stats related to Quora. Now, go to pages section and type your keyword and it instantly gives you most traffic generating pages for quora from the search engine.

high traffic quora pages

Isn’t cool? If you get all most viewed questions in a single click.

That’s the power of using a paid tool.


Generally, quora embed no-follow tag to all external links that mean it won’t pass any link power to your site. But it’s the amazing way to get targeted audience after organic traffic, more brand visibility and diversify anchor texts at the same time.

Here’s the awesome guide on getting a traffic from quora. Do check it out. 🙂

7. Competitors Backlink Gap Analysis: Grab sweet fruits without much efforts

Hey, you can outrank your competitors when you figure out their strategy.

I always recommend everyone that when you start a blog, first, list down your top five competitors and figure out what’s working them and what not.

Most of the times, It makes our task easy.

What they are doing to promote their content, how they make backlinks, how they get social shares and many more things you would figure out.

By doing this, you will have more clarity on how to outrank them and get top rankings.

Here, I’m going to show you the Backlink Gap Analysis.

Backlink gap analysis is the process of finding backlinks gap for our benefits.

Let’s understand this method with an example.

backlink gap analysis with semrush

As you can see, in the above screenshot I put four different URLs head to head to check which site doesn’t have a backlink while others have from the same domain.

Even, these all sites are being operated and managed by one guy Neil Patel, But you can see there are many opportunities are still available to grab.

You can follow the same process for your domain as well.

backlink opportunities

For example, I compared the backlink profile of Blogginglabs with other blogs.

You might ask how to replicate competitors backlinks?

You have to figure out how they got the link.

Like, if they got a link via comment then you should aim for leaving a comment.

If they got a link naturally, then you should try to publish 10x better content and reach out to the site for the replacement.

If your competitor got a link then you would have more chance to get as well.

Sometimes, you figure out that the competitor got a link naturally and you also tried to replace that link via outreach. But…

No results!

In this case, you should take a different approach. Guest posting.

Not only guest posting but with some twist. 😉 😉

Keep reading, I will show you next.

8. Relationship Link Building: Alternative & better approach to guest posting

Guest post link building is easier than all the above methods. Right?

Yes, it’s at first glance.


The problem is nowadays, everyone is following the same approach of going to “guest post” page and contact to admin to accept his/her guest post.

Moreover, there are many platforms which give you a list of all the sites where you can send your article with a link back to your site.

In this way, your chances of getting a good quality backlink are almost zero.

Then, what is the alternative approach or best way?

build relationship first before getting a link

Start building meaningful relationships with your industry people.

Having said that, you will find more opportunities as in social media mentions, links to your blogs, and quality guest posts on your blogs.

Once you have a good relationship with fellow blogger, you could approach him to accept a guest post on his blog.

Because he knows your good work.

Ultimately, your goal should be to add more value to the audience.

I know:

It’s a time taking process, but, It would give you sweet & healthy fruits over a period of time.

How to execute this method on steroids?

Let’s first collect the list of high-quality blogs where you can send a guest post pitch.


First start using search operations like:

  • “[your keyword]” + “this is a guest post by”
  • “[your keyword]” + “this is a guest contribution”
  • “[your keyword]” + “guest column/post”
  • “[your keyword]” + “contributing writer/author”
  • “[your keyword]” + “write for us”
  • “[your keyword]” + “guest post/blogging guidelines”
  • “[your keyword]” + “contribute”


Start looking for content ideas on Buzzsumo and collect names of authors who published the articles with the blog name and make a spreadsheet.


“Guest post” + “[influencer name]”

This is one of the easiest ways to get high authority blogs in your niche.

What you have to do?

Find top influencers in your niche who are doing best in content marketing and publishes articles on authoritative blogs.

Search “Guest post” + “[influencer name]” on google and you will find a list of blogs where the influencer published awesome articles.

guest posting with semrush

You can use SEOquake to export all URLs at once.

This will give you many relevant blogs for your niche.

Start reading their articles and do meaningful comments.

Watch their videos and share on your social media profiles.

By doing this, you will grab the attention of the blog/business owner and build a long-lasting relationship.

9. Content Repurposing with added value :

Brain dean has increased his blog’s organic traffic by 652% in just 7 days with skyscraper technique.

This is one of the most popular techniques in current SEO industry.

This method tells:

Start analyzing the top 10-20 results of SERP for your main keyword.

Find a content gap and create a 10x better than them.

Reach out to relevant people who could link back to your content.

But, Here’s the problem.

No one wants to link a random guy. Right? 🙁 🙁

If you have a good relationship with a person then you can expect to get a link.

…Or if you have a well-known brand in the industry then your chances of getting a link is high.


When you have just started a new blog, want to get quality targeted traffic then this method would work for you.


Search your main keyword in google, and start analyzing top 10-20 results.

You should look for whether they have the main keyword in the title, good on-page SEO, nice looking visuals, content structure and so on.

You can use SEO content template by SEMrush to create SEO friendly content.

Enter your seed keyword.

seo friendly content with semrush

It will analyze the top 10 rivals and gives you SEO recommendations for your content.

seo content recommendations using semrush

Now, create a better version of existing content.

Also, in other mediums likes videos, infographics, quotes, etc.

If you can make an infographic which could give a better understanding of the topic then create it.

Once you are done with the content for a 2-3 medium now start promoting.


Take one youtube as an example.

Submit infographic to directories.

By doing this, you would get more traffic and improved rankings for your blog.

Pro Tip:

When you know, this topic requires influencer’s inputs, go with Expert roundup and you would get more social shares and direct traffic on your blog.

Final words:

Now, you know that link building with SEMrush is quite easy, super useful and time-saving.

You should pick 2-3 methods from the above list and work on them or first analyze which method is working great for your competitors and follow the same.

Once you start implementing these techniques you will have more chances of getting links to your site.

Let me know which link building technique is working for you in the comment box.



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