Top Business Resolutions For The New Year

Nothing in this world happens without action. The same applies to your business.

If you want to make it big with your business this year, you must start making some strong decisions. 

So this 2021, set some solid resolutions for yourself and for your business to achieve. A few things that must find their way in your resolution list are as follows: 

Top Business Resolutions For The New Year
Top Business Resolutions For The New Year

Top Business Resolutions For The New Year to Follow


This is one of the best means to grow your business today. Through blogging, you can attract new audiences to your site, which naturally grows your site’s traffic. 

As more people come to know about your business and products, your digital footprint improves! 

If you hit the brownie points with some thought-after SEO strategy, you can rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. That means more customers and greater chances of conversion. 

So, if you don’t have a blog on your site yet, don’t wait up!! Get a few of them on your site today. However, before that, make sure you have the SEO strategy in place for better results. 


This point is interlinked with blogging. Start off by finding keywords relevant to your niche. These keywords will form the base of your blogs and page content. But don’t get all carried away with it; choose one or max two keywords for your blogs and page content. 

There are a few cool SEO tools that you can use, like Uber Suggest or Ahrefs.

Right at the start, aim for keywords that have a volume of 10k. After a few months of blogging and optimizing, opt for higher volume keywords. In other words, you need to start with relevant keywords first and create a foundation. 

Use Monster Insight if you have a WordPress site to access 50+ search terms on Google right within your CTR average admin average.

Making an email list:

making an email list

If you are looking for higher ROI, then investing in creating an email list is essential. You can use emails to send targeted emails, promotional offers, blogs, and newsletters to your existing customers and potential ones. 

Though email campaigning has a lot of benefits, the biggest challenge is creating a workable list. 

You need to figure out how you can get more of your site visitors to sign up for your email list. Thankfully, there are some ways to go about it. 

For instance, adding a sign-up form in the sidebar or sending them downloadable goods like ebooks and PDFs. 

Data-driven decision making:

A business can only perform well when it understands its customers. 

Now, there are quite a few ways of doing that, like monitoring your targeted customer’s social media activity and checking online platforms. 

However, there is a more data-driven way to know your customers through Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics will help you understand how your visitors are moving about in your site. You get to see the best-performing pages and the ones with the highest bounce rates. 

With this tool handy, you have access to the right information. No more relying on guesswork! 

If you have a WordPress website, Monster Insight can link you to Google Analytics without any code edits. Using this plugin, you can see a report from within your dashboard, and there are tons of other cool features. 

Monster Insight has more cool features like eCommerce tracking, form tracking, and custom dimensions. 

Analyze competitor activities:

Surely you have heard about the phrase ‘keep your friends close and enemy closer”? Well, you can apply the same knowledge to competitors too. 

Find out what they are focusing on? Is it a social media campaign? Is it a new blog topic?

Your task is to know how they are determined their strategies and, of course, the outcome of those strategies. 

But the question is, how? Your competitors will not come and tell you their business plans now, will they? 

But thankfully, there are some ethical means of doing that. The easiest one is to follow their social media activities and blogs. Sign up for their newsletters as well and get access to their free downloadable goods. Following this, you can set up alerts on Alexa to do competitor analysis. 

There are some tools available in the market to help you know what your competitors are up to. Access those! 

Get creative:

In a world driven by innovation, you need to get creative to survive. One way of doing that is by adding quizzes to your content marketing stew.

Hosting quizzes are the new cool now. Not only can you use the results to market in the future, but they also provide essential information about your target customers!

Once people come to your site and take the quiz, they get sharable results. They then post these results on social media sites. It intrigues their network, who click on the link to take the quiz back on your website. 

It works like a cycle and enhances the traffic to your site. 

Not only quizzes,  but you can also use games or offer personalized services to grow your site’s presence. 

Fall back on content freshness: 

This is yet another SEO hack that you must use to boost activities on your website in a big way. Ideally, you need to remove any form of outdated content from your webpage and add new ones. The idea is to keep your content and site relevant.

For instance, for product pages, you can add a product review app or addon. Using these tools, users can leave reviews on the products, which shows the search engines that the page is still active. 

You can also get it done yourself by adding a new line or two in your product description or blogs. 

Running an aimless business will not get you anywhere in 2021. You need SMART goals, and Monster Insight can help you achieve that. It can do a lot, from enhancing a site’s speed with its speed reports to providing cool WordPress plugins for site analysis. 

And now you can get an annual website review report! 

To know what goals you need to set for your business in 2021, you have to see 2020 in retrospect. 

Monster Insight helps you with its Review report. No need to analyze Google Analytics reports and charts to understand your annual performance. 

Check Monster Insight right now.

Monster Insight gives you a single report covering all that you need to know. 

Be it your annual website growth or website traffic, the annual report ( presented every January) by MonsterInsight gets it all. 

But this cool report is on offer for a limited time. So get yours today!

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