3 Sure-Fire Ways to Monetize Your Blog for High Revenue

What is your end goal to start a blog?


Maybe, It’s MORE money.

Now please don’t tell me “I have a passion to help people”.

Yes, you do have… but if you are not making any money from your efforts you’ll get burnout.

How could you pay your bills?

Your blog will help you pay your bills if you monetize it the RIGHT WAY.

Now you must be wondering…what should be the right ways to monetize a blog?

There are 3… which are the most FAMOUS around.

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling digital courses and e-books

I’m going to cover all these 3 blog monetization strategies in this blog post.

You probably know about these but I’m going to illustrate which monetization strategy would work BEST for you to make HUGE cash.

So, Do you want to make HUGE cash from your blog?

Keep reading.

3 sure-fire ways to monetize your blog

Let me start with the Advertisements monetization strategy first.


It is an easy and beginner’s favorite blog monetization strategy!

Every other NEW blogger is going to apply for the Google AdSense. Have you applied for it?

Ok if you don’t know about advertisements let me first explain to you.

Have you ever seen ads on any website? Most of the news websites used to do it.

Yes, you’ve seen it.

Display ads example

This is an example of advertisements.

Being a blogger you need to join the ad network and if your website gets approved by them you should be able to run ads on your website and earn money.

Here are the few ad networks you can join:

  • Google AdSense
  • Media dot net
  • Mediavine
  • Ezoic

You can start with Google Adsense if you just starting out. Read their policies and complete the signup process and if you get approved…

You need to copy and paste the small script into your website and you should be able to run the ads on your website and you’re making money when people visit your web pages.

Every ad network has different rules when it comes to calculating revenue.

But there are TWO main ways you should be able to earn money via advertisements.

  1. Impressions
  2. Clicks

Impressions: While reading or scrolling if that user sees the ads on the screen, it’s calculated as an impression.

Clicks: And when a person clicks on the ads it will be calculated as clicks.

So, whenever people visit your blog… you’ll end up making some money.

You can clearly see how much money you have made in the analytic section of your ad network dashboard.

Quite simple. Isn’t it?

But here is a CATCH.

You need a LOT of traffic to make a sustainable income from advertisements.

If your blog gets 1000’s page views every single day then you should look for this monetization strategy.

If your blog gets fewer page views, don’t even think of an advertisements monetization strategy yet.

You will only make a penny and at the same time also ruin your audience experience.

That’s why I’m not a FAN of advertisements. And I won’t recommend it to any beginner blogger.

Although It is one of the easiest monetization strategies to make money from your blog, only If you are able to drive 1000’s daily visitors to your blog.

But if you’ve little to less traffic or your blog is about any specific niche, the second blog monetization strategy would work BEST for you.

Moving on to…

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing. Basically, you(blogger) is the middle man between customer and company.

You get paid by selling other people or companies’ products on every successful transaction.

When your reader buys from your affiliate link(that you’d entered into your blog post) you’ll get a commission. That’s how it works.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Being an affiliate you’ll get a commission + the company gets a customer without any extra efforts + the reader also gets the product he is looking for.

To start affiliate marketing you need to be an affiliate with the company or people who have products. We should call it the “sign up” process.

After your sign-up process is done, you should get a dashboard where you can manage and track your affiliate links and revenue.

You need to copy and paste affiliate links from the affiliate dashboard to your blog post strategically.

If someone purchases the product that you’d recommended through your blog post, you should get a credit for the sale and get a commission.


Let me break it down for you.

When the reader from your website clicks on the affiliate links, the affiliate cookie gets saved into his browser and it helps to track the sales credit when your reader completed the transaction.

(Don’t worry! every affiliate network/program works fine to track your sales credit)

Affiliate cookies have a certain life span period and it varies from affiliate program to program.

Most of the affiliate programs offer cookie spans of between 1 to 365 days and even a couple of affiliate programs offer lifetime cookies!

If your reader lands on the product page through your affiliate links and has not bought the product right away…

But the affiliate cookie has a 7 days life span. So, if that person has bought the product within 7 days you should get a sales credit.

This is how all this affiliate marketing system works.

You should be able to make a sustainable income with limited traffic as well.

You don’t need a lot of traffic, you just need targeted traffic to increase your revenue from affiliate marketing.

Here are a couple of affiliate programs you can join as a beginner:

  • Amazon associates
  • Shareasale
  • Clickbank
  • Jvzoo
  • eBay partner
  • CJ affiliate

You can find the affiliate programs on your own as well.

Enter your “niche topic + affiliate programs” into the Google search box and you’ll end up finding in-house affiliate programs to join.

Find affiliate programs

Or you can manually find affiliate programs as well.

Go to the website you want to be an affiliate with and find the “affiliate programs” tab in the footer section.

Affiliate programs navigation

You’ll have a chance to get a 1 to 75% commission on every successful transaction. And some affiliate programs offer a whopping 100% commission as well.

Physical products offer nearly 1-10% commission while digital products offer 1-75% commission on the product price point to the affiliate.

According to Statista, affiliate marketing spend is due to reach 8.2 US billion dollars in the USA alone.

It’s a HUGE number. You’ll get an idea of how affiliate marketing is rapidly growing.

Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion has earned $300k+ promoting a single affiliate product.

Anil Agarwal income from affiliate marketing

So, if you’ve started your blog, affiliate marketing would be the best monetization strategy for you.

You could make a sustainable income with a little to less targeted traffic.

Let’s move on to the MOST PROFITABLE and last ways to monetize blog strategy…

Selling digital courses/services and e-books

If you’ve knowledge in some field and you know your knowledge could help your reader/customer in their life…

…you could make a course or create an ebook around it and sell it from your blog.

Let me explain it by example:

I teach people about blogging. Most of my audience wants to learn “how to build a profitable blog”.

So, if I create an online course teaching them step-by-step strategies about blogging, there are high chances my audience would like to buy a course from me.

That way…I get my revenue and on the other end, my reader/customer also gets a valuable course that helps him to build a profitable blog.

That’s how this online course industry works.

You need to find a problem your audience is facing.

And provide your course as a solution to the audience.

If you really want to get success in selling online courses/e-books then you need to understand your audience first. You need to know about their struggles and the problems they’re facing.

And then deliver them a jam-packed online course that helps them to get rid of the problems or struggles they’re facing.

You can use Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi or Podia to host and market your online course.

The same goes for e-books. Provide the solutions your readers are looking for in form of an e-book and charge a fee in return.

You can use tools like Canva, Microsoft word, Google Docs to make an ebook.

Nowadays, people spend most of their time online. People like to learn new things/skills online. It would be a great time for you to make money by solving other’s problems.

According to Guru99, the online learning market should hit the US $325 billion mark by 2025.

No doubt…it is one of the PROFITABLE blog monetization strategies out there but you need to be a good marketer to establish and scale your business.

And you also need an audience who are ready to buy your product.

Doug Cunnington has made $77,373 in 11 months by selling online courses. And the fun part is… he is able to pull this number with only 4,000 email subscribers!

You can check out this post if you really want to know more about online courses.

So, if you like to teach others… then selling digital courses would be the best monetization strategy for YOU.

Wrapping up

I know…you must be overwhelmed by reading these different ways to monetize your blog guide.

Which monetization strategy should I use for my blog?

This question would be juggling in your head.

Let me share the truth…not every monetization strategy would work for your blog.

You need to self-examine top blogs in your niche and find out which monetization strategy they have been using. And adapt that monetization strategy into your blog.

Still, confused to find the best ways to monetize your blog? Let me help you.

If you’re just starting out in your blogging career you can start with advertisements. Advertisements monetization strategy is the easiest among all.

But always remember, to make a sustainable income you need a HIGH traffic flow for the advertisements blog monetization strategy.

While on the other hand…with targeted less traffic you should easily crack the sustainable income through affiliate marketing.

So, I’ll suggest starting with affiliate marketing if you’re a beginner.

And when your traffic grows…

You can combine advertisements also into your blog monetization strategy OR you can sell your own digital course/service or ebook as well for the HIGHER profit.

I hope you’ve found your best ways to monetize your blog. Share this blog post with your friend who also wants to make money from blogging.

Now, I want to hear from you…

Which blog monetization strategy you most liked among all?

And if you’re running a blog then what monetization strategy do you use for the revenue as of now?

Let me know in the comment.

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