WordPress Polls That getting Results [WPForms]

Hey! Do you have a blog or a website? And do you want more audience and also want them to spend more time on your page, but you cannot figure out how to? Don’t worry.

We are here to provide you with a tool by which you can keep your audience on your website for a longer time. Successful websites like BuzzFeed are popularly using this tool. If you want to know the secret, keep reading as we unveil it. 

Ultimate WordPress Poll For your website

What is one of the most popularly used ways to keep your audience on the page and boost the time they spend on your page? Successful websites like BuzzFeed use it too. 

The tool is “Polls.”

Although polls are a good way to attract and keep your audience, not all WordPress poll plugins serve all the purposes. An ideal poll should

● Be easy to use

● Look nice

● Be easily added to posts and pages

● Be fast

● Display results with well-organized charts and graphs. 

Out of the many poll plugins available, the one that is the best WordPress contact form is WPForms. But why? 

The answer to this leads us to the next section.

wpforms poll addon

Why is WPForms a preferred choice for poll plugins? 

This is so because it fulfills and yet exceeds all the criteria for an ideal poll. It enables you to create online polls with ease and plant it anywhere on your website. It displays results with beautiful charts and graphs. 

To allow visitors to choose single or multiple options, you can drag and drop multiple form fields. Not just texts, with WPForms, you can use pictures as poll choices. 

Do you know what the good part is? For displaying results, you do not need to redirect your audience to a different page; you can display the results on the same page you conducted the poll on. 

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers

Adding polls can increase your audience retention and can bring down the bounce rates. Higher bounce rates have a negative impression on search engines. But, along with adding polls, you need to be careful about putting up “engaging” polls. You will not be much benefitted if your polls are not engaging enough for your Audience to spend time. 

WPForms + Surveys and Polls plugins are quite easy to use and don’t require any programming knowledge. This saves your time and energy to add advanced polls to your website effectively. 

For using polls, you need to first activate the plugin WPForms on your website. But, the option for adding polls doesn’t come with the plugin by default. For that, you need to activate the “surveys and polls” Extension. Once you are done with that, you can start adding polls to your website easily. 

However, if you still have problems setting up your WPForms, you can get more detailed information from the developer or avail yourself of online videos. These step-by-step guides help you easily add multiple polls to your website. 

The benefits of using WPForms Surveys and Polls Plugin are

  1. Customizable visual reports on your website
  2. Retroactively enable survey report on older forms
  3. Real-time polls report
  4. Export or share individual charts

What is another WordPress poll option available? 

Apart from WPForms, there are other poll options available for WordPress. 

These are

  1. Formidable Forms
  2. YOP Poll
  3. WP-Polls
  4. Crowdsignal Polls and Ratings


This article dealt in detail with a valuable tool to boost engagement and reduce bounces on your website. If used strategically, you will see results within six months. Apart from the most widely used Polls -WPForms, we also talked of other available options so that you know the choices you have. Hope we added some value to your time. We will be back soon, with a fresh article on some other worthwhile article. 

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