WPForms Vs TypeForm : Which is better in 2020?

Do you want to create a contact form on your blog?

Or Do you want to create a survey for understanding your audience’s problems?

You need a great form builder inside your wordpress admin panel.

Forms are of great use on a website as they carry out various important functions inside a website. 

Some very common uses of online forms are: 

  • Taking out a brief survey, 
  • Taking data from the user in case of academic registration, 
  • Filling out a form for an exam and many more to go.

To make a form every time from scratch is such a tedious and time taking process as it requires consideration on certain variables such as name, roll no., organization name which can vary with the varying purpose of using it and many more. 


The additional cost of the developer is also a debt that comes across in this process. You should also consider the amount of time you will have to spend to get things done from the developer.

To get rid of this issue there are several tools available which can be very useful as well as cost-efficient in case of making online forms and also when they are required very often.

Form Builders are certain tools available inside WordPress to let their users carry out the process of making forms in a much simpler way and don’t let them to code along with a cool User Experience.

WPForms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Typeform are well-recognized tools, which are helpful in making out a Form in a very convenient way and in almost no time.

On BloggingLabs, we have compared WpForms with GravityForms and Contact Form 7.

In this guide, we are going to compare WpForms and TypeForm and find out which one is the best option to consider this year.

Let’s jump into one by one.

WPForms : Best Drag & Drop WordPress Form Plugin

It is a very convenient way to make forms by carrying out a certain operation. Following are the certain properties which make it different and build better from others.

Awesome User Experience:

It provides a great User Experience that makes it better from other Form Builders. Following are the properties that are likely to be found with any other Builders.

•    It contains a variety of inbuilt 100+ templates and you can also build your own from scratch to carry out your work easily such as Survey, Polls, RSVP, order forms, academic forms, contact forms, etc.

form templates

•    This Form builder is best suited for new users as it allows them to use their features just by Drag & Drop method. It will affect concurrently on the website concurrently.

Pricing and Plans

They have four different plans to offer these are Basic, Plus, Pros and Elite.

The pricing is very reasonable for a basic tool with extraordinary features and also low as it seems inexpensive instead of having the cost of a developer.

Great Customer Support:

Either it is any form of service it requires great customer support to have feedback and also to resolve their customer’s doubt as soon as possible.

They provide convenient support to their users with skilled staff at the rescue also they are widely known for this service very well among the Web Developers.

wpforms customer support

It doesn’t matter what plan you are using you can still apply to get customer support. To carry out customer support, you need to open a support ticket. The team would give a reply to you under 24 hours.

Carrying out a Conversational Forms

Conversational Forms by wpforms

Conversational forms are quite famous form types among the others due to its features like interactiveness and creativity that lets you have a great interaction between you and the users.

WPForms provides the following basic features of conversational forms:

•    Geolocation data of the users that lets you know their location.

•    Captcha feature which can be very useful to allow only humans, not the bots.

•    Signature add-on to let the users give the online electronic signature.

There are more benefits you can enjoy. And I’m going to write an in-depth guide on Conversational forms and how you can get more traffic with it.

Go to official site.

TypeForm: Is It a Really Better Alternative?

To be correct Typeform is not a tool or WordPress plugin but it is a website which allows you making forms and put it on our site by copying and pasting the code.

Typeform user interface

Most common uses of Typeform are Shopping forms, contact forms, quizzes and also feedback forms. Following are the key features are:

User Experience

Typeform has a complex UI and can be a bit spooky for beginners and new users as it would require to copy the code and paste it on your site HTML code using the HTML text editor of the WordPress.

It supports 50+ templates that can readily be used to create various forms such as Surveys, Feedback, etc. 

Moreover, it is well-known for its Survey Forms.

Pricing Plans

In a basic plan which is free for all, there are limited features available for the users. Also, it does not let you upload files or make payments and with limited sets of questions and responses.

Talking about all Typeform pricing plans, there are 3 different subscriptions available for the users. These are Pro+, Pro and Basic with an annual price of $700, $360 and free respectively.

Customer Support

The customer support for Typeform is only limited for Pro and Pro+ users as it is restricted for basic users. There are different ways you can resolve your issue.

For Basic users along with Pro and Pro+ users, there is a documentation and a blog where they can be acknowledged of the features and Bugs (if any).

Moreover, there is a support team available for the Pro and Pro+ users only. So, to need brief support it is mandatory to get Pro or Pro+ subscription.

Conversational Forms

Typeform is mostly based on conventional forms and provide a variety of conventional form templates.

These templates support many features like Logic jump, accept payments, upload files and many more to go including the features which are already present in WPForms such as Captcha, Geolocation, Signature, User registration, etc.

These features are available for users having all kind of memberships which include Pro+, Pro and also the Basic version, which is free for all users.

Go to official site.

WPForms or Typeform: Which One to Choose Over the Other?

WPForms vs TypeForm

Each form is known for their own set of features they provide. Like WPForms are known for the User Experience they provide like Drag and Drop feature along with a wide of template available for their users.

WPForms are also well-known for their customer and backup support they provide. Which assures the user with a sure reply within 24 hours in case of working days.

Whereas, in case of Typeform they are famous among the web developers for the conventional forms and wide range of templates they provide. 

Typeform is basically a website where we can create forms and use them by obtaining the code from there and paste it inside the HTML code of the website.

Although, there is free membership available for the users at Typeform. WPForms is considered over Typeform due to many reasons.

Following are the basic advantages of WPForms over Typeform.

•    Easy to use: WPForms comes with Drag and Drop feature which makes it easy to use and edit in the future. I really enjoy it. 🙂

•    Money back guarantees: if you are not comfortable with the features of WPForms and want to cancel out subscription it is very easy to do. It provides a 100% money guarantee within 14 days of purchase. So, make sure to cancel within 14 days of purchase otherwise you would not get the money back.

•    Affordability: it seems that WPforms are most affordable over Typeform as it is cost-efficient and also cheaper. You need to spend $700 for Typeform whereas you can get your work done in $300 with WPforms. Also, there are only conventional forms available in Typeform.

Hence, our winner is WPForms. And it can be used for achieving any type of forms of requirements.

I hope this guide helped you to understand which is the best WordPress form builder. If you have any questions then please comment below.


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