Zapier and WPForms: All You Need to Know

One can easily say that Zapier is man’s invention to make your life easier. With automation at its peak in today’s technological war Zapier is the best innovation in the field. It is an automated online tool that connects user’s apps as per different user requirements.

It supports apps like Yahoo, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, MailChimp, thunderbird, WebEx, zoom, and many more. Zapier reduces the work redundancy by automating repetitive tasks by building integration between the apps. The tool is user-friendly, where you can self-build workflows, alerts, and rules as per your requirement with just a few clicks.

WordPress Forms or WPForms Zapier Add Ons integrate Zapier to WPForms, connecting more than 2000 forms with endless integration possibilities. It acts as a drag and drop form building for email subscriptions, online ordering, billing, payments, etc.

Integrations, where we can use  Zapier and WPForms, are as follows:

  • We use Gmail and dropbox daily, automating the attachment downloading scenario directly with a password-less authentication from Gmail to dropbox can be automated using Zapier.
  • Putting ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and other social media adds to consumers’ search history and points of interest. It helps build app linking and selling and purchasing products through online sites easier.
  • Trello cards are a new addition to email apps to create google calendars and their subsequent reminders.
  • Twitter handles multiple tweets using Zap to post in multiple accounts. Trending hashtags by adding suggestions.
  • Contact list creation in google and syncing it to different apps.
  • Google calendar to update, schedule, and provide reminders for various events as per requirement.
  • Google Sheets for creating entries in spreadsheets and sharing them over the internet.
  • Using Jira tickets to generate automated alerts and tickets.
  • Planyo for creating reservations at our favorite restaurants.
  • Twilio, Telegram, and iMessage services to send and receive text messages.
  • YouTube – the video app to gain money and sell products with ads.
  • Zendesk again is a ticket generating app to collect alerts and tickets.
  • Enabling desktop and mobile notifications for slack pings and alerts.
  • Quickbooks uses WPForms to add customers.
  • Used as CRM (Customer relationship management) to build authentic customer relations.

Check WpForms.

Key Notes of Zapier:

– Interface providing glue connecting user’s web apps.

– Easy workflow creation as per user requirements to connect the apps to work in sync.

– Triggers are defined in the form of Zaps that kick starts the workflow on which connected web apps work.

– Zaps acts as a background task so that consumers can work on other tasks and save time.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier works as Zap 🡪 Trigger 🡪Action 🡪 Tasks.

  • A zap is a workflow or interface between different web apps.
  • A trigger calls a Zap from the apps it associates with.
  • Action is the answer to the zap that is called and which provides the necessary output.
  • Tasks are the number of different items we call when a Zap initiates.
Zapier and WPForms

Using WPForms in Zapier

Adding functionality can be tricky when we are using multiple web applications. Often, we must pay developers to automate the code for easy integration between apps. But why spend this money when we can collaborate all the web apps under a familiar interface using Zap workflows. WPForms further connect numerous forms on our web applications to add productive functionality to them.

How to install WPForms on Zapier?

If you have not created an account then first create it from here.

Step 1.

Create Zapier account -> Activate Zapier Addon-> WPForms -> Settings -> Integration tab -> Zapier Option -> Zapier API Key

Step 2.

Once logged in to –

Zapier account -> click on the + button -> a new window opens, put a name to Zap -> Select WPForms -> Choose App & Event -> Click WPForms icon -> Choose Trigger Event -> Continue to Sign in to WPForms -> Add your Zapier API Key from above step Continue to Find Data Step -> Test and Continue (if successful) -> Done editing.

Is Zapier a profitable Company?

Yes, Zapier is one of the most profitable companies for connecting and integrating different user apps. By combining more than 2000 form sessions using Zapier, human life is made more accessible. An ordinary person can create his/her workflow without high-tech technical skills, making Zapier easier to understand and configure.

Companies using WPForms to send data are Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, Slack, and others.

Using WPForms to send data for marketing purposes are Salesforce, Marketo, Sendy, Zoho, Pipedrive, HubSpot, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, MailerLite, Freshsales, Mad Mimi, iContact, and many more.

Companies using WPForms as communication services: Trello, Slack, Asana, Todoist, and Discord

Companies using WPForms as Accounting Applications: Quickbooks, Airtable

How does Zapier integrate WordPress?

WordPress Forms or WPForms Zapier Add Ons integrate Zapier to WPForms, connecting more than 2000 forms with endless integration possibilities.

Is it possible to send a typed or rather a text message using Zapier?

Twilio, Telegram, and iMessage use Zapier services to send text messages.

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